Judith Tarr

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History holds a fascination for us. We have a need to explore the past and its many cultures. A few authors have the talent to blend history with fantasy to create stories to capture our imaginations. Judith Tarr is one of these authors. She writes Historical Fantasies that bring the past to life in interesting ways with realistic characters and Fantasy elements. Also, she writes Epic Fantasy with the same effort of detail as her historical works.

Ms. Tarr writes several Fantasy novels that take place in ancient Egypt, bringing detail and knowledge to the historical period. _Lord of the Two Lands_ is the story of Alexander the Great’s conquest of Egypt. A priestess of Amon and daughter of Pharaoh joins Alexander’s army with the civilian followers. _Throne of Isis_ tells the story of Cleopatra and Anthony with Fantasy elements. Another novel, _King and Goddess_, is the story of Egypt’s female Pharaoh, Hatshepsut. This one has few Fantasy elements, but is a good story.

One of her first forays into Fantasy is the “Avaryan Rising” series. Ms. Tarr brings her world to life in rich detail with memorable characters. Avaryan is full of large empires, court intrigues and complex magic. It starts with _The Hall of the Mountain King_ where a young man, sired by the sun god, struggles to gain the throne. The story continues with _The Lady of Han-gilen_ and a strong woman character who marries the young king. Lastly, _A Fall of Princes_ is about the next generation with an interesting twist.

Two more books in the “Avaryan ” sequence were published a few years later. _Arrows of the Sun_ starts up four generations after the trilogy. The emperor Estarion’s father is murdered by mages. He must overcome his hatred and magical attempts on his life to find peace for his kingdom. _Spear of Heaven_ is a sequel to the previous book. Estarion is now a very old man when enemies destroy one of the Worldgates. His granddaughter and great-granddaughter must deal with this magical crisis. Both books are interesting additions to this Fantasy world.

Some of her books take place during Medieval times. _The Hound and the Falcon_ tells the story of Alfred of St. Ruan’s Abbey. He is a scholar and an elf. He faces prejudice and intrigue during the reign of Richard Coeur de Leon. The “Hounds of God” group want to kill all the Fairfolk as soul-less creatures. The books are rich in detail of this period with interesting characters.

Recently, she ventured into the sub-genre of Arthurian Fantasy, but with a twist. She blends the King Arthur legend with that of Charlemagne in _Kingdom of the Grail_. Roland is a descendent from Merlin the magician. He finds Merlin’s prison and vows to free him. This Roland is a shape changer, which power, he must hide from Charlemagne and his court. It is an interesting story that hopefully will be followed by other books.

Ms. Tarr has done an entertaining collaboration with author Harry Turtledove too. _Household Gods_ is a time travel Fantasy. Los Angeles lawyer Nicole Gunther Perrin is a single mother with two kids trying to succeed in her life. One evening she wishes that she could

live in the past when things were so much easier. She wakes up and finds herself in the town of Carnuntum on the edge of the Roman Empire. Nicole discovers that life wasn’t so easy in those times. This is an interesting collaboration between two top authors in Fantasy.

Another book by Ms. Tarr takes place in Neolithic times when humans are still partly nomadic. _White Mare’s Daughter_ is the story of Sarama, a young girl of a nomadic tribe. They worship the horse goddess Epona. Ms. Tarr is an accomplished equestrian as well as historian. She uses her knowledge in this book to bring to life the very distant past.

Judith Tarr is an author of Historical and Epic Fantasy. She uses her expertise in history and equestrianship to create richly detailed books full of interesting characters. Her books range from Neolithic times to ancient Egypt and Medieval periods. Avaryan, her Fantasy world, is full of court intrigue and interesting twists. She is an author worth reading for entertaining adventures into the past or her created worlds.


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