Review: _Fire Bringer_ by David Clement-Davies

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What if animals could really talk? Fantasy is the genre to answer that question. Many authors have written about talking animals. _Watership Down_ by Richard Adams is a literary classic about rabbits. Now, _Fire Bringer_ by David Clement-Davies does the same thing for deer in Scotland. The author brings the lives of deer to life and provides readers with an entertaining book through memorable characters, important themes and an interesting plot.

The author portrays the animal characters in a realistic manner that makes them memorable. Rannoch is the main character of the book. He grows up through the story as readers follow him from fawn to full grown stag. Facing several different events in his life, Rannoch constantly struggles with the burden of a prophecy and his strange powers. With the help of loyal friends like Willow the doe and Bankfoot, he grows and changes in his life. Sgorr is an antlerless stag, changing the natural ways o   flf the deer. His evil is created by a terrible secret that drives him to the detriment of the deer. Mr. Clement-Davies demonstrates expertise in animals that makes them realistic along with excellent descriptions that brings the deer world to life.

Next, the important themes of the book keeps readers thinking. The main theme is about coming of age. Characters deal with growing up in the harsh life of deer. Rannoch undergoes several life changing events that bring him into adulthood. Coupled with this is the theme of destiny as Rannoch lives under a prophecy he is not sure he can fulfill. Trying to deny it only leads him to pain. These other two themes lead into a quest as Rannoch must solve his problems by discovering a secret. A deft weaving of the themes into the plot by the author makes the book entertaining.

In the end, it is the interesting plot that hooks a reader until the conclusion of the book. The book starts with the killing of Rannoch’s father by the herd leader Drail who is controlled by the cunning Sgorr. Rannoch’s mother must give him to another doe to protect his life. After a year, Rannoch’s foster mother flees with him and a group in order to keep him alive and get away from the oppression. Sgorr is in control of the herd, changing the natural ways of the deer. He goes against the laws of Herne. The prophecy of a savior coming to stop this keeps the pressure on Rannoch, who undergoes several trials. Part of Rannoch’s abilities gives him the power to talk with other animals, which helps move the story along quickly. The book reaches a satisfying conclusion through the author’s excellent descriptions and pacing.

_Fire Bringer_ by David Clement-Davies is an entertaining Animal Fantasy for readers. Memorable animal characters, important themes and the interesting plot blend together to create a good book. Readers will enjoy the fantastic journey into the world of red deer in ancient Scotland. This book can be enjoyed by young adult and adult readers.


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