June Explanation

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This is my apology and explanation about what happened to the blog during May. First, please don’t give up on the blog. Keeping a blog needs to be done in a timely and consistent manner, Which I haven’t done especially during May. My only excuse is life events. I’m the sole caretaker for my elderly parents who are in their 90s. Early in May, my father caught the flu. He ended up in the hospital for 3 days and was sent home using a catheter for a few days. Recovery takes a long time for an older person at this age. I spent all of May staying home taking care of things, but had no time for personal or fun stuff. 😦 My father is much better now. I hope to do a better job with the blog in June barring any more life interruptions. Thank you for hearing me out.


Some New Links of Interest

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A short post for today as I try to get back into the blog on a regular basis. Recently I’ve discovered some new links that have interesting articles and content about fantasy and science fiction.

Unbound Worlds is a site from the publisher Del Rey. The site contains interviews, articles and other content related to the genres of fantasy and science fiction. The site can be found at:  http://www.unboundworlds.com/

The Portalist is a site from Open Road Integrated Media. The site contains many articles and other content about books, movie, TV shows and other media in the fantasy and science fiction genres. The site can be found at:  http://theportalist.com/

Good Intentions Gone Awry

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I want to apologize for not getting posts on the blog this past month like I said I would. Good intentions got shoved out of the way by various things. Like many people, for me, it was the presidential election. I’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster most of the month. It started with the shock at the winner, followed by denial and worry for our country, and ending with plenty of anger. I’ve come to acceptance at this moment and I’m taking a wait and see attitude. The anger is still there, but on slow burn. With that said, I plan to refocus my effort on the blog for December.

Thank you for your patience.

New Beginnings

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I’m back after a long hiatus of neglect. This is a new beginning of regular blog posts. (I hope.) Today starts with a new article about where to start. Enjoy.

Please Don’t Give up on this Blog!

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I know it has been a long time since I’ve posted something. My writing time has been swallowed by work and life stuff the past few months. I have been working to get back into writing articles. New posts are coming soon. So, please don’t give up on this blog yet! Thank you.

Happy New Year 2016

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Welcome to the new year.

2015 played havoc with my writing, especially with keeping up on my blog. Life events kept me too busy. I’m hoping 2016 will be better, though sometimes the best laid plans. . .

I plan to focus on my writing this year as much as possible I’m going to strive and make the effort to do it. Keeping my blog up to date is a priority along with my fiction writing, so please have patience with me. Stay tuned.

May the gift of fantasy and wonder be yours in 2016!

This Blog Isn’t Dead

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I haven’t been keeping on schedule with my blog the last few months. It isn’t dead. Some minor time consuming life events have kept me from my writing. They are simmering down, I’m on summer vacation and plan to dedicate myself to writing. I became inspired by a recent article “Embracing Discipline and Accountability” (http://mythicscribes.com/writing-life/discipline-accountability/) at Mythic Scribes. I’m working on articles and interviews that I’ll start posting regularly again soon. Thank you for your patience.

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