Fantasy Links 8/18/17

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A list of fantasy books to read from the 90s:


An article about eclipses in fantasy and science fiction:


An article about reading the right book at the right time:


A writing article on omniscient narration:


An article about wizards in fantasy:


A list of books to get started in urban fantasy:

Fantasy Links 8/5/17

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A day late but here you go.

An article about fantasy books inspired by British Isles stories:

A writing article on getting inspiration from history:

An article on genre expectations for romance:

An article on Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” :

An article on self publishing:

Fantasy Links 7/28/17

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An article on writing and publishing:

An article on the Belgariad by David Eddings at 30:

A list of fantasy books from the 80s:

An article from an author about how Star Wars helped him with his epic fantasy trilogy:

An article about Stephen King’s Dark Tower:

An article about types of authors we don’t need:

World Fantasy Award nominations for this year:

Fantasy Links 7/7/17

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Welcome to a new post. With “Game of Thrones” premiering soon. Here are some interesting links from around the web.

A list of new and notable books for July:

An article on getting ideas for writing:

Information on a new “Game of Thrones” touring exhibit:

Some “Game of Thrones” quotes:

An article about other dualities to use other than good and evil:

Another “Game of Thrones” article on is magic Westeros’s problem” :

Fantasy Links 6/16/17

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Here’s a short post for today.

A list of fantasy and science fiction books coming out in the next few months:

An article about ghost writing for a living:

An article about the fantasy drinking places we’d like to visit:

An article about collaboration and dreaming:

An article about the Twelve Dancing Princesses fairy tale:

Magical Words has several links to interesting articles on writing and such:

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